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kunstanstifter is a small and independent publishing house from Mannheim, Germany. Our titles are hybrids of literature and art, for children and grown-up readers alike, often beyond established categories. We publish collector-quality books with the highest artistic standards.

At their best, text and image enhance each other for an aesthetic unity. Our list is characterized by a novel blend of young talents, innovative voices, classical and contemporary authors of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Numerous and prestigious awards have confirmed our strategy – the German Design Award, Most Beautiful German Books awards by Foundation Book Art, the Joseph-Binder-Award in Gold, the German-French Youth Literature Prize, The Beauty and the Book Award, a nomination for the Serafina – a young talent award, and last but not least, the award of the German Youth Literature Prize.

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Yaotao's Characters

Lyon in the southeast of France: In her grandparent’s attic, Lucie finds an old suitcase filled with mysterious Chinese letters. Does it belong to her great-grandfather Yaotao who emigrated in the thirties from China to France? All of a sudden the characters begin to dance and tell her Yaotao’s story.
Yaotao’s heritage is a atmospheric journey back in time, written for both young and old, and a story about the arrival in a new culture.
(Text, Illustration and Bookdesign by Yi Meng Wu)

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Through the Woods

Tom Cat, Poodle and Peep lead a quiet life as Mrs Darling’s pets. They are cossetted and fussed over, and spend most of the time together at home. But one day Mrs Darling is taken to hospital. The animals are frantic, because they are suddenly all alone. Boldly they decide to set off for the hospital themselves.

The pampered pets’ risky journey through the woods, where they come across some roughish types, is told in witty rhymes and with humorous illustrations by Nele Palmtag.

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When the Magpie King lost his White Color

When the magpie king wakes up one morning, his entire plumage has changed to raven black! Where did the white disappear? The king’s subjects whisper behind their wings, but none of them dares to address this mystery. Thus the magpie king harbors growing resentments towards his fate, towards his subjects, and towards the white in the world.

This fairytale-like story by Michael Stavarič is wonderfully matched by Linda Wolfsgruber’s aerial illustrations in black-and-white and pastel shades.

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